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PAL: Also called the Renegade Pokemon, Giratina lives in a dimension known as the Distortion World. It has two forms, and will only be seen in its Origin Forme?Turnback Cave -?IV -?Reverse World -?ZeroForm differences - Bulbapedia - to Giratina - Giratina. Giratina has two forms it can change between. In the Pokemon world, it is normally in its Altered Forme, which is a winged?Pikachu variants -?Variant Pokemon -?Gender differences -?Original TrainerHow can I change Giratina's form into origin form really want to have an origin form! :) 5 years ago. jnfjksn provided additional details: Where can I find the distortion world again after I exited from the warp?

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Like other forms, when you go into the Union Room or the WiFi Club, then Rotom In the Pokemon mythos, the Origin Forme is the form that Giratina is in in it's Pokemon Omega Ruby Deoxys Rematch & Other Forms!! (Bonus Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire While in its own realm, the Distortion World, it takes on its "Origin Forme" Giratina as seen in Pokemon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior.'s Justin Haywald described Giratina's new form as one of Platinum '?s "biggest draws".Giratina's form is dependant upon its hold item It silently gazed upon the old world from the Distortion World. HeartGold, This Pokemon is said to live in a world?Griseous Orb -?In-Depth Details -?Egg MovesHow to change Giratina form in pokemon black - YouTube?3:33? 14, 2011 - Uploaded by rageizrealThis shows you how to change Giratina form inside of pokemon black OR use the poke transfure from

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Apr 13, 2009 - In Pokemon Platinum, my Giratina doesn't show up in origin form. You have to beat the elite four, then go back to the distortion world. (do this

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